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We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of disposable face masks.

Founded in 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan, we have always strived to provide the best possible face mask products to our valued customers worldwide. Our products are now used in the medical, industrial, automotive and the consumer markets all over the world – keeping workers safe and productive, while keeping our products affordable.


Most products are produced on high speed automatic specially designed machinery to ensure strict quality controls.

Globally Approved

In order to meet governmental requirements, our respiratory masks have approvals from countries including U.S, England, Japan, China, Russia, Korea Australia and New Zealand.


With our headquarters in Taiwan, satellite offices in Korea, Japan, U.S and Singapore, we distribute and provide support for our customers internationally.

Premium Quality

High quality products, competitive prices and prompt delivery ensuring the utmost satisfaction customer.


We set up manufacturing in China to produce specially designed disposable face masks and particulate respirator masks to meet governmental requirements in many countries.

We work closely with NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the U.S., and with BSI and INSPEC in England, Apave in France to insure our products are up-to-date and meet all necessary U.S. and CE requirements. We also have product approvals in China, Russia, Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

In order to help customers to verify the authenticity of the products on hand, we have established an anti-counterfeiting inquiry system.

Please email realmakrite@makrite.com.tw to verify the authenticity of the product.

Makrite US Warehouse

Due to the large amount of counterfeit N95 respirators in the market, and numerous inquiries we have received to confirm the authenticity of Makrite’s products, we have set up a warehouse in the US to better serve customers that do not have the proper channel to purchase legitimate products. Please contact sales@makrite.com for more information.

Latest News

Makrite's new Thailand factory.


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